Bohage Update

Hello all,

  • First I just want to let you know that all the randoms have been kicked from group so that we can see the real number of b’oh’s. We really couldn’t be bothered looking in the ‘Aliases’ section so if you got kicked and your a real b’oh, then just ask for an invite!
  • To those who asked me about some people changing the tag removing parts etc, don’t fear they are not leaving us nor starting their own clan they were just playing around with their scrim tag.
  • Our Minecraft server has been trolled a lot today so as Jammers has been away, I’ve gotten myself and ABendyVixen to fix the issue which means we have two new ops for the server Dey and Cpt Rummy. They will help stop these people while we are away.
  • “Group Admins” will be relooked at as we are thinking of having less and only having those who are helpful in the day to day clan work. But we will still have roles for a number of members/old admins like server adminship, comp planning etc. This does not affect any members.
  • Donations. Just would like to thank one of our newest members who donated this month “Soviet”. I would just like to remind those who use the TF2 server and or the Ventrolio server. These are being payed for by 2 people out of their own pockets so any donation will be great even as low as 1 – 2 dollars. You can find the paypal link at our website
  • The Bohage Highlander Comp will be reset for a date soon as half the veterans have come back to Sydney.

That’s about it, just wanted to clear that all up.


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